Megan graduated from Academy of Beauty in Culver City in 2006.

She received her training in brow shaping under Kelley Baker Brows in 2006. From 2006-2012 she worked at Billion Dollar Brows, and from  2012-2017 she and her sister Amanda operated their own studio under Gibbons Brows.

In February 2017, Megan graduated from Elite Permanent Makeup after studying microblading. She recently completed her advanced microblading training under Audrey Glass.

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Los Angeles Studio

Eyebrows (Initial Appointment): $500 USD 

Eyebrows & Freckles: $700 USD 

Eyebrow Follow Up Session (6 weeks - 9 months of initial session): $150 USD 

Eyebrow Yearly Follow Up Session (9-18 months from last session): $300 USD

Eyebrow Session (18 months or more from last session): $500 USD

Freckles: $200 USD (First Follow Up Session Included)

Freckles Follow Up: $100 USD

Eyebrow Waxing: $40 USD

All services are non-refundable.