Iona completed her microblading training with Daria Chuprys in March of 2016.

She continued expanding her knowledge with eyeliner & powder brow training with Kim White in October 2016.

From January to July 2017, Iona successfully completed a 6-month scalp micropigmentation apprenticeship with Joe Scalp.

To round out a very complete list of services, she trained under Kim White in permanent lip tattooing in June 2017.

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Eyebrows Microblading (Initial Appointment): $600 USD

Eyebrows Powder (Initial Appointment): $600 USD

Eyebrows Microblading with Powder Shading (Initial Appointment): $700 USD

Freckles: $250 USD (First Follow Up Session Included)

Freckles (Additional Session): $150 USD

Eyebrows & Freckles: $800 USD

Eyebrow Follow Up Session (6-12 weeks of initial session): $200 USD

Eyebrow Follow Up Session (3-9 months of initial session): $250 USD

Eyebrow Yearly Follow Up Session (9-18 months from last session): $300 USD

Eyebrow Session (18 months of more from last session): $600 USD

Lip Tint: $500 USD

Lip Tint Follow Up Session: $200 USD

Lash Line Enhancement: $450 USD

Lash Line Enhancement Follow Up: $200 USD

Tattoo Removal: By Consultation. Please email us.

Scalp Micropigmentation: By Consultation. Please email us.